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I’m here to guide you as you start your dōTERRA business.

More Impact.

More Growth.

More Growth.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel that your purpose is to help people, yet you see the bigger picture.

  • You are a collaborator. You work within your strengths, and see other’s strengths as assets within a Team framework.

  • You value yourself and time. You may not always get it right, but you do your best work knowing that your family comes first.

  • You are looking for opportunity to use your talents and work with partners who you can grow with, personally and professionally.

  • You have a dream for your life, and are ready for bigger, better, and more.

Ready to feel more empowered with the tools and strategies you need to achieve the goals you’re working towards?




Let’s set up a time to go through your business goals: Business Overview.

Customize your plan

Let’s discover your strengths to fit your business plan.

EVOLVE to the next level

Let’s get you prepared with the right tools to Launch your business!

What’s Next?

Worried that you don’t have time to start a business? That you may not have the skills to begin? What about the right opportunity with someone to guide you?

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it can be simple if you are serious and teachable. If you are looking to create long term financial and time freedom, then we need to talk.

This business has so much to offer.

If you feel ready to take this business and run with it, then I want to help you!

Let’s work together to build your business into exactly what you want it to be!

You’ll have individual and team support, receive monthly incentives and tap into all our continuing Education.

Here’s a sneak peek at everything you get:

Incentives & Freebies

  • Welcome Goodie Bag
  • Hostess Gifts
  • Team Bogos
  • Raffles for Free Gifts
  • Rank Gifts
  • Special Recognition


  • Online and Offline Support
  • Daily/Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • Proven Builder’s Program
  • Workshops
  • Connection to multi-faceted Experts
  • Team Calls and Zooms
  • FB Groups
  • Team Apps
  • More than 30yrs of MLM experience
  • Coaching/Mentoring

Continuing Education: Product & Business

Receive a Certification of Training and Free Gift for completing


Discover your top 5 strengths by getting your Strengths Book, Assessment or Both!

I’m a Grandmother, Wife, and doTERRA Health & Prosperity Coach. I will be your guide through the sometimes confusing world of MLM. I have worked in the networking marketing industry for over 20 years, and have helped to empower 100’s of people just like you, to become successful personally and professionally.

I know what it feels like to start in this type of industry for the first time, and then do it all over again starting from scratch. I know the juggle, and have had all the fears, so I can speak to you honestly.

I can assist you through the self-care and confidence game and you will be taught how to earn an income while helping others in doTERRA. We choose a strategy that best fits your strengths, and you can benefit by having both online and offline support and training. Our marketing programs are helping hundreds of people through the transition to online success.

I am super excited about your path to health, happiness, and prosperity.

Are you ready to join us?