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If you believe in being/becoming a change maker as it relates to using and educating yourself with natural solutions for emotional health,  happiness, and prosperity, I’m with you. Even if you don’t yet believe that, no problem, I’m incredibly passionate about helping you along your journey.

Yes, it’s all about the journey. And if you are seeking some assistance along your path, I’m absolutely certain we can be part of your learning curve. The professionals on our team have helped thousands of people with the support needed from beginner to advanced; with education from both medical and holistic practitioners; from providing reference material based on your priorities, to personal classes, and online and group support.

It is my passion for personal growth and human potential development that has caused me to seek a powerful partner like dōTERRA International. It has provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with high level professionals in their field, in order to serve many people. Being in the wellness industry for over 20 years, my goal is to share those experiences, insights, and tools, which may be of benefit to you on your educational journey. My specialty is helping people find their emotional connection to their physical body and environment. I do that with the help of the iTOVi nutritional scan, which has benefited families around the globe, with natural solutions for health care.

When you learn about the multi-functional aspect of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, your life could change. Your health could change. Your financial path could change. Your future could look bigger, brighter, and happier!

I’m incredibly excited for our journey together, so I invite you to come along for the ride, and educate, empower, and evolve through the process. Don’t be shy, just Contact Me, and we can figure things out along the way!

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